Very important parts for pressure and atmospheric pressure equipment which work with liquids, powders, and pulps, moved by electric and hydraulic commands. They are built in compliance with European directive 98/37/CE and ATEX directive.


Slow anchor mixer and high speed mixer for vessel to mix resins DN 1000 in AISI 316L

Mixers for pulp mixer, 10000 L capacity, made of AISI 316

Oleo-dynamic breakers “choppers”

Mixers with blades in AISI 316, 11 kW motor

Slow shaft for internally heated dryer, Ø 1200, made in AISI 316, ISPESL tested

Double oleo-dynamic mixing system + central mixer


Technical sheet mixers




- Reactors


- Heat exchangers


- Vessels


- Columns


- Mixers


- Mixers - Dryers


- Filler Mixer


- Autoclaves


- Filter Press Vessel


- Rubber Mixer


- Pressure drums


- Laboratory plants


- Technical gas plant


- Cooling belts systems


- TEG waste regenerator


- Various



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