Kneading machine ALFA B1 is made with W shafts electrically driven, 1200 litres, with parts in contact with product in stainless steel AISI 316 mirror polished, designed to mix several types of rubber, first of all silicone. There are two independent W shafts for mixing and one spiral that push the product out the machine through an extruder cone. The driving system is controlled by inverters, and it can be adjusted through a panel onboard the machine. The opening of the cover is of pneumatic type. The main body, W shafts and spiral are cooled.


Design conditions:



Main room

External jacket

Maximum allowable pressure PS (Bar):

-0.9 / ATM


Minimum allowable temperature (C):



Maximum allowable temperature (C):



Capacity (litres):





-  Range rotating "omega" shafts: 0 14.5 rpm


Max. torque "omega" shafts: 123190 Nm


Range rotating spiral: 0 17.5 rpm


Max. torque spiral: 9406 Nm








Video presentation


Technical sheet Alfa B1




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