Vessel for the mixing and drying of chemical and pharmaceutical products, of various sizes and materials, with internal mixer, which relies upon oil or steam as thermal regulation mean.


Mixer for pulps, 10000 L capacity, made of AISI 316 with two side fast mixers and a central slow mixer built in compliance with dir. 97/23/CE "PED"

Mixer/dryers for powders with rotating shaft, 6000 L capacity, made of AISI 316, and ISPESL tested

Mixer/dryer for powders with rotating shaft and additional side choppers, 12000 L capacity, made of AISI 304

STechnical sheet Dryers       Technical sheet Mixers




- Reactors


- Heat exchangers


- Vessels


- Columns


- Mixers


- Mixers - Dryers


- Filler Mixer


- Autoclaves


- Filter Press Vessel


- Rubber Mixer


- Pressure drums


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- Technical gas plant


- Cooling belts systems


- TEG waste regenerator


- Various



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