Static Equipment with tube bundle (U form or straight) can be used as boiler or condenser or cooler/heater without state transformation for fluids. They find use in primary or secondary industrial processes.


Types designation: BEM - BEU - AES - CKU standard TEMA "R" - "C"- "B"


Reboiler 38 sq.m. and condenser 50 sq.m. in AISI 316L 
Shell DN 300 with expansion joint for heat exchanger in AISI 304L with pipes in silicon carbide.
Steam generator in carbon steel with 82 sq.m. tube bundle
Steam generator in carbon steel with 46 sq.m. tube bundle
Tube bundle for steam heater in AISI 316, 50 bar, ISPESL tested
Tube bundle in carbon steel, 70 sq. m., for steam generation
Vertical condenser in AISI 316, 75 sq.m. of exchange surface
Tube bundle and plate for vertical condenser in AISI 316, 75 sq. m.

Technical sheet Heat Exchangers



- Reactors


- Heat exchangers


- Vessels


- Columns


- Mixers


- Mixers - Dryers


- Filler Mixer


- Autoclaves


- Filter Press Vessel


- Rubber Mixer


- Pressure drums


- Laboratory plants


- Technical gas plant


- Cooling belts systems


- Exausted TEG regenerator


- Various



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