Various kinds of equipment suitable for different use and made of different materials with capacity ranging from a few litres to 100 mc. They can be supported by legs, saddles, brackets or skirts and can be used in pressure and atmospheric balancing conditions.

Degassing water vessel with tower for boiler L 20000 in carbon steel
Hot water calorifier DN 2000 in AISI 316L, capacity 10000L
Vessel accumulator for HCl gas in carbon steel with Halar coating DN 1100
Air receiver DN 1200 in carbon steel
Diesel hot water boiler tank in carbon steel 1500x1500 H=1750, pressure resistant
Exhausted lube oil tank in AISI 316L, pressure resistant
Storage tank for CO2 DN 1500 in AISI 304L, capacity 13000 L
Recovery vessel DN 800 for solvents in AISI 316L with external pipe and cooling jacket
Fluid separator vessel DN 800 in AISI 316L
AISI 304 storage tank, 30 mc capacity
"Lethal service" 1500 L vessels fully made of AISI 316 according to ASME VII div.I
1200 L vessel with mixer and jacket for the painting industry made of AISI 304
Separator vessel, 10000L capacity made of avesta 904L according to ASME VII div.1
3000 L insulated vessel with mixer made of AISI 316

Technical sheet vessels       Technical sheet Vessels with mixer




- Reactors


- Heat exchangers


- Vessels


- Columns


- Mixers


- Mixers - Dryers


- Filler Mixer


- Autoclaves


- Filter Press Vessel


- Rubber Mixer


- Pressure drums


- Laboratory plants


- Technical gas plant


- Cooling belts systems


- TEG waste regenerator


- Various



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