Equipment made of stainless steel, carbon steel and special materials for different uses in several industrial sectors such as food, chemical and petrochemical industries. This type of equipment sometimes needs special studies and particular manufacturing solutions.

Refrigerate box for ETO cylinders for lab in AISI 304L, 1000 x 600 H=1500
Vessels DN1200 in AISI 316L, mirror polished inside
Filters DN 12 in carbon steel
Collecting and moving fluids tank 1150 L capacity made of AISI 316 tested at 0.5 bar
Spraying vessels for solvents 30 L capacity made of AISI 316 and certified as whole according to European directive 97/23/CE "PED"
DN 250 filter cases made of carbon steel with heating external coil according to ASME VII div.1
DN 800 filter cases with valve made of carbon steel for petrochemical use according to ASME VII div.1
Condenser vessels for diathermic oil DN 150 made of carbon steel according to ASME VII div.1

Degassing tunnels made of carbon steel with doors driven by hydraulic device


STechnical sheet Prismatic Bonze        Technical sheet Sprying Vessels   


Technical sheet Safety Container




- Reactors


- Heat exchangers


- Vessels


- Columns


- Mixers


- Mixers - Dryers


- Filler Mixer


- Autoclaves


- Filter Press Vessel


- Rubber Mixer


- Pressure drums


- Laboratory plants


- Technical gas plant


- Cooling belts systems


- TEG waste regenerator


- Various



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