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BERTOCCHI IMPIANTI Filter case & filter press

Corpi filtro e filtri pressa

Casings for sintered cloth, lenticular, cartridge, sleeve, plate and leaf filters, flanged with various opening and support systems. Sizes ranging from a few to thousands of litres.
Special tanks for heavy duty use at medium to high pressures and temperatures, for reactions, mixing, pressing and drying. Supplied with slow agitators for dust discharge.

Filtro a piatti con sollevamento idraulico
Filtro a piatti con sollevamento idraulico
Dettaglio piatti filtranti

Filtro a cartuccia

Corpo filtro con disco e tela DN450
Filtro a cartucce DN500

Dettaglio tela filtrante

Corpo filtro con pallet inox

Corpo filtro rivestito internamente in PFA ExD
Dettaglio rivestimento interno in PFA ExD
Filtro pressa DN600

Dettaglio pale filtro pressa DN600