CND, Design, Recertifications and Pressure Sets

Consultancy, design, and testing, inspection and certification support for pressure equipment according to the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and ASME U Designator Mark certification.
PED re-certifications, repairs and INAIL reporting for existing equipment when technical conditions allow.
Notified Body pressure system certifications for systems in use at customer facilities.
Inspections and non-destructive testing of equipment, with the issuing of reports to complete periodic integrity verification by ATS/ASL and registered entities in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 329/04.
Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is carried out by certified Level II level technical personnel according to standards SNT-TC-1A 2006 and UNI EN ISO 9712 for the following methods:

  • Thickness and ultrasonic weld testing (UT)

  • Radiographic weld testing (RT)

  • Penetrant liquid testing (PT)

  • Magnetoscopic testing (MT)

  • Visual testing (also with endoscopic cameras) of equipment parts (VT)

  • Portable spectrometer chemical composition materials testing.

  • Materials surface roughness testing.

  • Hydraulic testing up to 600 barg.

  • Support in testing and calibrating safety valves on a dedicated test bench.

PED certification for pressure assemblies
Spectrometric analysis
on metallic parts
X-ray tests in factory “RT”

Flaw detect test in welding with ultrasonic device “UT”
Thickness measurement with ultrasonic device “UT”
Liquid penetrant
test “PT”
Visual test “VT”

Roughness test

Unipotential test

Visual test by endoscope

Check for explosive athmosphere

Calibration tests