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Essential components for pressurized and atmospheric pressure equipment, for use with liquids, powders and pastes, with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control.
Various paddle shapes according to requirements, products and speeds, with fixed or adjustable heights via riser rails and variable rotation speeds via inverters.

Mixer with central and side agitators with bearing housing in stainless steel
Central shaft with anchor impeller, fast speed side shafts with marine-type impeller and cowles
Central agitator with slope blades

Mixer with slow speed central agitator and side fast speed agitators
Homogenizer with variable lift drive

Marine-type impeller with homogenizer group

Central agitator with slope reinforced blades and lower anchor arms
Low speed with hot chamber for drier

Balanced agitator 1000 rpm with scraper

Mirror polish agitator for pharma industry

Fast speed agitator with variable lift drive

Bearing housing group with double mechanical seal and counterpress tank