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BERTOCCHI IMPIANTI Reactor - Mixer - Dryers

Reattori Mescolatori Essiccatori

Pressurized and atmospheric pressure equipment for various sectors, including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and oil and gas industries.
Pressure equipment used as reaction chambers and liquid, powder, paste, filler and desiccant mixers for chemical and pharmaceutical products.
Equipment sizes range from laboratory use sizes up to capacities of more than 30 m³.
Thermostating via single or multiple half-pipe coils with external jacketing, internal fluid delivery plate and internal coils.
Mixing is guaranteed by one or more stirrers with different paddle shapes and motorized height adjustment.
Surfaces, depending on the material and purpose of use, can be pickled, polished, shot-peened, painted, and so on.

Reactor m³ 30

Manhole with handhole and sight glass
Dryer for laboratory
ND 600
Internal parts for flanged reactor head
Reactor m³ 25

Double set of coils ND 80 with agitator detail
Mixer for plaster L 300

Reactor L 3500

Reactor L 1000 with agitator

Half-coil double start and double set detail
Fermenter ND 1000

Head for reactor detail

Reactor m³ 16

Head and turret for agitator for reactor L 2500
Reactor with brackets bolted

Protection grid on manhole detail