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Serbatoi - Colonne

Tanks for common uses, with volumes up to 70 m³, supported by legs, saddles, brackets and skirts, with possible horizontal and vertical thermostat control.
Columns for vapour removal, gas cooling and distillation with or without filling, prepared with skirt fixings to ensure wind and earthquake load stability.

Prepurifier vessel ND 2800

Tanks halar coated

Collecting tank L 200

Prismatic tank in carbon steel

Fluid separator tank type “Fiorentina”
Vessel for food mirror polished detail
Neutralization column for ETO

Half-coil on bottom of storage tank m³ 65
Half-coil detail on vessel on tank L 2500
Cooling tower L 12,3 meters

Prismatic tank in inox

Serbatoio air reciver

Storage tank 65 m³

Fractionation column ND 900

Storage tank m³ 70

Storage tank m³ 60 with mixer